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Windy Heights

Interior Renovation, 4-bedroom apartment


Year: 2015

Client: AB XY

Area: 123 sqm

Photography: Jonathan Poh


The owners fell in love with this particular apartment precisely because of the large living spaces and mezzanine dining. However, there were issues of storage and the kitchen was in need of a major facelift. The main complaint as in most owners who have lived abroad is that the maid's toilet shouldn't be facing the kitchen area and saw this as a hygiene problem.

We therefore went on to reconfigure the kitchen and opened it to the dining with closable sliding doors, giving them the option to open the space when guests are invited and close when heavy cooking is done in the kitchen.

Touches of British aesthetics were also introduced as the owners were previously residing in the UK. Brick walls and white louvred doors punctuate the space as a result.

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