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The Hacienda

Interior Renovation, 4-bedroom apartment


Year: 2014

Client: AB XY

Area: 123 sqm

Photography: Jonathan Poh


When the client came to us, they expressed that they appreciate the airiness and the amount of daylight here in the tropics and prefer living and working outdoors and prefer to not switch on the air-conditioning in the day. Having 2 sons, they also wish to create a kid's nook tucked away from the living and dining areas for their kids so that they could still play while they could still entertain guests.

The apartment was also split into three levels and we leveraged on that to create zones within the apartment for the different groups of occupants. A "kid's apartment" complete with a shared common study/entertainment area, bathroom and 2 bedrooms were created in response to the brief on the upper level. A strip window was also created to open to the open kitchen for surveillance purposes. 

The living room was therefore accorded plenty of wall space for the owner's collection of art pieces with a low console and a full height shelving on one side as the only built-in furniture in the space. 

The master bedroom was also segmented into sleeping and study space, separated by a large centre-pivot door for privacy.

Large folding doors open up to the informal terrace space which serves as an extension of the otherwise formal layout of the living area.

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