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Marine Crescent

Interior Renovation, 3-room HDB apartment


Year: 2015

Client: AB XY

Area: 123 sqm

Photography: Jonathan Poh


When the owner approached us, he had already a plan thought through by another designer and asked whether we were interested to pitch for the project with a different idea. After understanding his needs further, we then understood why he wasn't happy with the previous ideas.

As such, we embarked on a rethinking process of the typical HDB layout and planned according to the structural grid and basic rearrangements of spaces. Given that the owner seldom cooks and uses the kitchen just to warm up his breakfast, having the kitchen at the rear is not an optimal solution. we therefore inverted that traditional relationship and made the common space containing the living, dining and kitchen.

A wide concrete ledge also runs continuously from the living space and into the bedroom to express an abstract extension of the common space into the bedroom. Melamine panels with timber grain patterns were also used for the carpentry.

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