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Dakota Residences

Interior Renovation, 2-bedroom apartment


Year: 2012

Client: AB XY

Area: 123 sqm

Photography: Jonathan Poh


Being a yoga enthusiast with a passion for cooking, the design had to be practical yet fit for occasional small cook-out parties.

The obvious solution to the pedestrian plan was to knock down the wall that separated the kitchen from the dining and living. This allowed for a fluid space that allowed interaction between guest and host during cook outs. Apart from this wall, the wall separating the two bedrooms were pushed slightly to allow for more wardrobe space within the master. A deliberate feature was also created in a form of an a overhead shelving that extends from the bedroom corridor, opening up to either sides of the main living and dining space. 

Oriented strand boards (or OSB) were typically trendy in retail interiors, but what if it was as applied to a lived in space? The result came as a pleasant surprise. Forms didn't need to overpower as the material itself is intrinsically complex, much like how a banker's and hairstylist's lives intertwine

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