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Dakota Crescent

Interior Renovation, 3-room HDB flat


Year: 2011

Client: AB XY

Area: 67 sqm

Photography: Jonathan Poh


This was originally a 67sqm 2-bedroom apartment built in the 1980s with a compartmentalized layout. And even though there was much flexibility in its reconfiguration due to the post and beam concrete structural frame with infill walls that could be demolished easily, the design process was nonetheless guided by a high level of discipline

This was achieved by aligning new walls and partitions to the internal structural grid on the basis of logic, symmetry and necessity and what resulted was a rational yet well-proportioned plan. Services’ planning was surprisingly a synch since the original grid was well-respected, even more so when the owner wanted minimal visible conduits and cabling. Finishes were also standardized and simplified to echo the intention of connectivity between the kitchen, living and bedroom and also to keep within the budget.

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